Assassin’s Creed Unity (Xbox One Key)



Travel back in time to the French Revolution. Experience this tumultuous time as Arno, a freshly inducted assassin with a complicated childhood. Assassins Creed Unity (Xbox One) brings the franchise back to Europe, to a gorgeously recreated Paris, specifically.A massive number of activities above and beyond core missions make Assassins Creed Unity a game that will keep you engaged for hours.A living, breathing cityAssassins Creed Unity brings the players to the Revolution-era Paris. Ubisoft created a massive city bustling with life. Next-gen design allowed them to fill the streets with NPCs on a scale never before seen in the franchise.The city itself is also a proof of an attention to detail surpassing anything previously seen in Assassins Creed. Massive area taken by Paris, explorable building interiors, and monuments recreated in an almost 1:1 scale make Assassins Creed Unity Paris look as real as possible in a video game.Refreshed gameplayAssassins Creed Unity gameplay improves on the formulas familiar to every Assassins Creed fan. Traversal is faster and more convenient with faster movement and a button dedicated to climbing downwards. Unity adds diagonal climbing, too. Scaling buildings has never before been this easy and pleasant. You can even go inside buildings!Combat has been revamped and made more challenging, and stealth has been expanded with a cover-based system letting you stay out of sight. Finally assassins can literally work in the dark to serve the light.Improved assassinationsWhere in the previous installments your contracts required a certain approach, Assassins Creed Unity allows you to pick your own way. Some ways are better than the others, but none are barred from you. Find alternative routes to your target, pick your weapon, do reconnaissance on the obstacles and enemies and perform a perfect hit.Assassins Creed Unitys assassinations give you more freedom than you had ever before in the franchise.Numerous activitiesAC Unity embraces the AC tradition of providing the player with plenty to do outside of main storyline. Invest in the city, find hidden chests and figure out how to open them. Solve mysterious murders, learn and research French history to unravel the riddles of Nostradamus, collect weapons and armor… Assassins Creed Unity has a lot of content accessible at nearly any time: Paris is open to you since very early stages of the game.Co-op missionsAssassins work in teams and Unity allows you to do just that. Team up with up to three friends and take on special missions that may be too difficult to tackle them alone. Make sure to maintain good communication and cooperation, because mistakes will not be easily forgiven. Have friends help you, and all of you will reap the benefits.Key featuresAssassins Creed Unity is a trip back to Europe after adventures on the Caribbean and North America. A sprawling city, large crowds, outstanding attention to detail and more make ACU a game worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of the Assassins Creed franchise or French architecture.Assassins Creed Unity featuresMassive, detailed city – Paris of Assassins Creed Unity occupies a large area, is recreated with loving detail, and stays full of NPCs to give it a spark of lifeCover-based stealth – you can use cover to sneak behind your enemies backs to get quietly to otherwise inaccessible areas or to go in for a quick killFlexible assassination conditions – find your own way to eliminate your targets. Anything goes if you can execute your planExpanded character customization – in addition to extensive cosmetic options, Arno has a non-linear skill progression, and gear which affects his attributes4-player co-op – team up with friends and take on special missions for extra profit

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